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Future Women Investors (FWI) is a series of initiatives and events designed to attract and support the development of women investors in ANZ and beyond. We've developed this program based on years of firsthand experience and learnings with the aim of providing support, advice and resources to women looking for VC investment roles.

Why FWI and where did it come from?

The idea for this program came from conversations between VCs around where and why we were seeing challenges for women breaking into and developing in VC.
We know diversity is only ever beneficial and right for us and our ecosystem.
Increasing the diversity of investment teams contributes to more diverse founders securing funding, which ultimately creates better outcomes for the entire ecosystem. As the stats below show, there is still a long way to go to bridge this gap in Australia.
And, while our VC ecosystem continues to grow with more funds hiring, we want to ensure the gender gap closes and women representation across the board increases.
There are a number of reasons driving this imbalance, which we will help break down and address through our initiatives. By sharing the knowledge and advice we have garnered we aim to help close this diversity gap and bring a greater diversity of thought, experiences and backgrounds into VC.

Source: The State of Australian Startup Funding 2022


And we covered..

Investing 101
  • What it means to be a VC investor so you are confident before you head into interviews and have your knowledge and expectations aligned from the outset.
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Landing the role
  • What to include in your CV, application and interview, as well as actionable insights to help you feel ready to navigate the application and interview processes.
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Building confidence & Q&A
  • Addressing the confidence gap amongst women investors, what firms are doing about it and how you can build your confidence.
  • Q&A with some of the panelists asking your pre-submitted questions from the sign up page.
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To bear in mind for FWI initiatives

  • All VC firms are different. There could be differences in hiring, what they look for, job titles and more, so please bear this in mind with the advice and information provided. 
  • To create a safe and confidential learning environment, all attendees will be anonymous; you will not be able to see each other’s names.
  • There will be very different levels of experience at initiatives or events so please be patient and welcoming to all levels of content and questions.
  • We cannot guarantee that from FWI you will land an investing role, however, we hope it gives you the knowledge, support and confidence for your journey moving forwards. 

What's next

If you are interested in hearing about our next initiative, please sign up to the expression of interest form.

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